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Astrological Services

$90 for Natal Charts

$100 for Astrological Forecasts

Consultations available at Margret's home in Grand Haven, Michigan, by phone, or online.

Astrology is the way to higher consciousness and a way to self-understanding and acceptance also of others. This wisdom has been available to us since the creation of the Universe.

Image: watercolor Aries symbol


Fire Sign

Keywords: Self, Body, Enthusiasm

Image: watercolor Taurus sign


Earth Sign

Keywords: Resources, Practical

Image: watercolor Gemini sign


Air Sign

Keywords: Communication, Versatile

Image: watercolor Cancer symbol


Water Sign

Keywords: Home, Soul

Image: watercolor Leo symbol


Fire Sign

Keywords: Self Expressions, Gaming, Hobbies, Recreation

Image: watercolor Virgo symbol


Earth Sign

Keywords: Work, Health, Service

Image: watercolor Libra symbol


Air Sign

Keywords: Relationships, Partnerships, Harmony

Image: watercolor Scorpio symbol


Water Sign

Keywords: Survival, Intensity,

Deep Feelings

Image: watercolor Sagittarius symbol


Fire Sign

Keywords: Higher Consciousness,

Travel, Independence

Image: watercolor Capricorn symbol


Earth Sign

Keywords: Discipline, Hard Work, Practical

Image: watercolor Aquarius symbol


Air Sign

Keywords: Unconventional,

Universal Peace

Image: watercolor Pisces symbol


Water Sign

Keywords: Spiritual, Universal Love

Glossary of Astrological Terms

ASPECTS Angles between planets.

CONJUNCTION Planets work well together (within 10° of each other). Sun & Uranus, Mercury & Pluto

ELEMENTS The signs are divided into four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.

HOUSES The horoscope divides the heavens into 12 houses. Each house has rulership over specific areas of life.

NATAL CHART Horoscope is drawn for a person’s birth. Also known as a birth chart. The natal chart is a map of one’s life. Similar to taking a picture of the planets at the time of one’s birth–the universe stopped at that moment in time. It reveals what the universe has to say about who a person is and what he or she may become. The chart wheel is a map of the space surrounding a person at the time of birth. The wheel is divided into 12 sections called houses. Planets in the heavens are placed on the chart wheel in the houses that correspond to where they actually are in the sky at birth.

RETROGRADE A planet is considered “retrograde” when it appears to be moving backward. Both “retrograde” and “direct” are terms used in astrology to describe the direction of planetary movement with relation to the Earth. Note that the planets do not actually move backward. However, they appear (from our perspective on Earth) to back up for periods of time. The Sun and the Moon never retrograde.

SQUARES Stressful and difficult (within 90° of each other). Venus & Jupiter, Mars & Pluto & Uranus

TRINES Harmony and easy flow.

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